NETA Accreditation: Setting the Standard

The InterNational Electrical Testing Association (NETA) is a group of leading electrical testing companies, visionaries committed to advancing the industry's standards for power system installation and maintenance.

EnerG Test has earned certification as a NETA Accredited Company, meaning we have been recognized for our ability to provide the highest level of power safety and reliability. A NETA-certified EnerG Test technician means that every aspect of testing and maintenance is being performed to the highest standard. Our work experience, education, and training keep us current with new technologies and provide us the knowledge to perform testing across a wide variety of power systems.


EnerG Test recognizes that safety is paramount to making sure all other operational goals are met. Safety compliance through NETA means that we provide the highest standards in the industry: standards put forth by OSHA, ASTM, NFPA, IEEE, The National Safety Council, CSA, NEMA, and others.

Third-Party, Independent Testing

NETA Accredited Companies are independent electrical power systems testing service providers. They must be divested of competing service or manufacturing interests. As third-party auditors, EnerG Test provides unbiased electrical testing results while ensuring accurate testing and reporting; we are never influenced by conflicting factors involved with budgeting, installation, or product manufacturing.

Quality Assurance

NETA Accreditation is not easy to attain. EnerG Test earned our accreditation through a rigorous application process conducted by the NETA Association. This ensures that EnerG Test provides testing services to the highest standards of safety and reliability as specified by such entities as: ASTM, CSA, EASA, ICEA, IEEE, NEMA, NFPA, and UL.

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